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The restoration of this car is quite a challenge - but it won't be happening for a while. as I have far too many other projects on the go, and the finances are a little tight.

It needs a full brake overhaul for definite, and the bodywork is clearly in need of some serious work. New sills are provided, but if PCD is anything to go by the reproduction sills are not a very good fit, and omit all of the fiddly bits, so even this isn't a straightforward job. It might well need new front wings too, and the floorpan, spare wheel space and various exposed corners are all starting to rust through.

The front end has suffered a minor prang at some time.

© P. Hetherington 24.06.06

The boot space is a mess; have mice been living under the back seat?

© P. Hetherington 24.06.06

Did I mention the sills...?

© P. Hetherington 24.06.06

Once the bodywork is repaired, a full respray will be needed, and the shiny bits will need re-chroming too, so it isn't going to be a cheap or quick project.

On the plus side the interior - always hard to get parts for - seems to be in fairly good condition. A new headlining will be needed though, and the drivers' door panel is in a sorry state. The steering wheel looks pretty poor too; I'll have to look out for a spare one.

Further storage beckons for the time being, but its turn will come...

© Phil Hetherington 2007
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