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Classic Cars - Introduction:

My first Standard 10, PCD 716, returned to the road in 2002 after an 11 year restoration. What took me so long? And was it worth it? The answers to these and other questions may be found within these pages.

Once I had PCD back on the road I was quite certain that I wasn't going to do another one... or if I did, it would at least be something different; an estate perhaps, or a pick-up. And yet in June 2006 I found myself looking at a folorn looking 1954 10, the same colour as PCD and with a very similar interior. I'm afraid I felt sorry for the poor little chap, particularly once I realised that VPF 169 is a very early example - in fact, it might even be the earliest one to survive - and thus has some design features which are quite unusual for a 10.

And so it looks as though I'm going to have to do it all over again - although not just yet. I'm too busy (and broke!) at the momemnt. But its time will come!

Returning to PCD for the moment, it failed its MOT in August 2006 with worn steering joints - a job I had deferred when I restored the car as I didn't have all of the parts. So, after about 4000 miles of Standard motoring, the car had to come to bits again... it's back on the road now though.

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