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One of the first things I noticed about this car was that it is fitted with an aerial. I did wonder if I would find a nice fifties bakelite radio inside, but alas no:

1954 Standard Ten - interior
© P. Hetherington 24.06.06

Lurking below the front parcel shelf is a distinctly 1970s car radio. I think it's fair to assume that this will have to go!

Also visible here are two extra switches to the right of the steering wheel. One is presumably for the screen wash - an after-market add-on - but what is the other? I'll find out soon enough, but what a strange place to put it!

At some point someone has attempted to add some very crude seat belts. These will have to go because they look lethal, as well as blocking off access to the rear doors!

Finally, I've noticed that the bonnet badge is of the blue-and-white (1960s) variety rather than the correct red-and-black (1950s) version. I'm tempted to keep the later version for a bit of variety - we'll see.

I haven't yet thought about whether to make any alterations of my own. As it is one of the oldest 10s to survive, I think it deserves to remain in as close to original condition as possible. But if I want to use it in traffic, some orange flashers on the back might be a good idea. I don't really see why I should pander to the needs of ignorant modern motorists though, so we'll see!

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