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Since PCD 716 returned to the road, I've discovered that driving the car is really what it's all about - in fact it more than makes up for the years of toiling in a cold garage! During the summer months I quite often potter about locally in the Standard, but I've also attended a few classic car shows. Many of these are organised by the Standard Motor Club (SMC); this page is an attempt to list them.

You'll find each event listed twice - firstly in the Summary below, and again, in more detail, in the Rally Reports section further down.


Click on the dates to jump to the relevant Rally Report. '*' denotes that I won a prize!

Date Event Vehicle
24-25 May 2003 Standard Motor Company Centenary Rally, Coventry PCD 716
26 May 2003 SMC Round Britain Relay PCD 716
12-13 July 2003 SMC International Rally, Hatton Country World PCD 716
23-25 August 2003 Stoneleigh Town & Country Show PCD 716
6 June 2004 Northampton & Lamport Railway PCD 716
19-20 June 2004 Ashby Magna Vintage Festival PCD 716
10-11 July 2004 Rempstone Steam & Country Show PCD 716
31 July - 1 August 2004 SMC West Midlands Rally, Avoncroft PCD 716 *
28-30 August 2004 Stoneleigh Town & Country Show PCD 716
4-5 June 2005 SMC West Midlands Rally, Earlswood Lakes PCD 716 *
18 June 2005 Ashby Magna Vintage Festival PCD 716
2-3 July 2005 SMC International Rally, Binton, near Stratford-upon-Avon PCD 716 *
9-10 July 2005 Rempstone Steam & Country Show PCD 716
17-18 June 2006 SMC West Midlands Rally, Dudmaston Hall, near Bridgnorth PCD 716
8-9 July 2006 SMC International Rally, Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset PCD 716 *
2-5 May 2008 SMC Anglian Road Run PCD 716
14-15 June 2008 SMC West Midlands Rally, Sandwell Park Farm, West Bromwich PCD 716 *
28-29 June 2008 SMC International Rally, Charlecote House, Warwickshire PCD 716
12-13 July 2008 Rempstone Steam & Country Show PCD 716
16-17 August 2008 Bluebell Railway Vintage Transport Weekend, Horsted Keynes PCD 716
06-07 June 2009 SMC West Midlands Rally, Spetchley Park, Worcestershire PCD 716
26-28 June 2009 SMC International Rally, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester PCD 716
11-12 July 2009 Rempstone Steam & Country Show PCD 716

Rally Reports

24-25 May 2003: Standard Motor Company Centenary Rally, Coventry.

An appropriate place to start; PCD 716 returned to its birthplace to celebrate 100 years of Standards. David Eley, one of Standard's former employees, unveiled a plaque to mark the site of the original factory in Much Park Street. David was responsible for the development of the new 'small car' engine in the 1950s, as installed in Standard 8s and 10s, and was kind enough to pose with my car afterwards.

A road-run of 100 Standard-Triumphs followed, passing the site of the Canley factory where my car was built, and finishing at the British Motor Heritage museum at Gaydon.

© P. Hetherington 25.05.03.

© P. Hetherington 25.05.03.
At Gaydon I managed to pose my car with Tony Pounder's 1954 10, PWK 367. Having competed in the 1950s, PWK is the only surviving original Standard 10 rally car. It looks fairly conventional outside, but is quite a different beastie under the skin. The main purpose of this picture, however, is that it is the only other 10 I've seen with the exact same 'rear end' as mine - painted boot hinges excepted. Later cars used a different mounting for the centre brake light, incorporating a cover over the top of the lamp unit. This picture proves that mine is not 'wrong'!
The only sour note of the weekend was that someone drove into the back of my car on the way home... see the driving page for more details!

26 May 2003: SMC Round Britain Relay.

A 'one off' event for the centenary year. The 'baton' was a specially chromed con-rod from a Standard engine and the aim was for it to cover the length and breadth of Britain over several months. Good fun, and a chance to meet fellow Standard owners at each stage.

The relay started at the Centenary show and my 'leg' was quite early in the schedule - the next day, in fact. I was on duty as volunteer signalman at Rothley on the Great Central Railway, and so John Maxwell brought the baton up to Rothley in his Standard Flying 9.

The baton is delivered to Rothley by John Maxwell. The steam locomotive is 2-10-0 '90775' originally built for War Department service in the 1940s; this locomotive ended up in Greece and was repatriated and restored by its owning group.
© Mrs. R. Maxwell? 26.05.03
Leaving Rothley, I immediately headed for Bourne in Lincolnshire where I handed the baton on to Pete Foster who brought his lovely 1961 Standard Companion over from Spalding to meet me. The venue was Raymond Mays' garage, notable for having built 'specials' on Standard chassis many, many years ago!
The baton is passed on to Pete Foster at Bourne.
© P. Hetherington (self-timer - I think!) 26.05.03

12-13 July 2003: SMC International Rally, Hatton Country World.

The International Rally is always held in the UK, or so it seems, but attracts cars from as far away as Switzerland! I'd been to a few before but this was the first time I'd taken a 'proper' car.

On the Saturday we had a road run to the Birmingham & Midland Transport Museum at Wythall. I couldn't resist including a photograph of their extremely rare electric bread van built by Brush of Loughborough in 1947.

The International Rally often throws up a surprise or two. At this event, amongst the slightly shinier cars was a 1928 Standard Farnham. It didn't make it on the road run though!

PCD 716 amongst friends on the rally field.

© P. Hetherington 13.07.03

HYN 86, 1947 Brush 10/1 4cwt Mk.II bakery van.

© P. Hetherington 12.07.03

UL 5608, a rare (unique?) 1928 Standard Farnham.

© P. Hetherington 13.07.03

23-25 August 2003: Stoneleigh Town & Country Show.

A big event lasting three days. It takes two to see it all properly, and being an exhibitor is quite hard work! I seem to recall that one of the Standards won a prize this year - quite an achievement considering that the competition includes some very expensive cars which obviously have higher restoration budgets than ours. I can't remember where PCD came in the list but I recall it scoring maximum points for 'lack of over-restoration', which rather amused me. Talk about damning with faint praise!

My photographs of the Standard Motor Club's stand didn't come out very well so I've selected a few others instead

1919 International Titan tractor which, believe it or not, is a year younger than its driver! Fair play to you sir.

© P. Hetherington 25.08.03

ONJ 894 - a Standard Pennant which isn't. This is the only one I've ever seen which is badged as a Triumph, and was found on one of the Triumph club stands.

© P. Hetherington 24.08.03

A 1944 Standard Utility 4.2 found amongst the military vehicle displays.

© P. Hetherington 23.08.03

6 June 2004: Northampton & Lamport Railway

The Northampton & Lamport Railway held a classic car gathering, which provided an excuse to visit the line. It's a curous operation, with only one station (in the middle) and a cycleway running alongside the line for its entire length. The 'ride' is limited by the need to repair underbridges in either direction before expanding further.

It seems that I didn't take any car photographs during my visit, so instead I've selected a couple of pictures of the railway itself.

The SMC's website does include a photograph of the cars - including mine - in Steve O'Hara's report which is here

© P. Hetherington 06/06/04.
Despite its appearance, Brush diesel 31525 was actually in use when I took the photo on the left.

On the right, 0-4-0ST steam locomotive [Peckett 2104 built 1950] is seen on a passenger train, passing diesel 45118 in the siding.

© P. Hetherington 06/06/04.

19 June 2004: Ashby Magna Vintage Festival

Spot the Standard!

© P. Hetherington 19/06/04.
A small-ish event over two days, most notable for the auction on the Saturday where you can buy anything from a fence post to a complete tractor - or indeed the classic "box of miscellaneous".

10-11 July 2004: Rempstone Steam & Country Show

My parents' local event, but it usually clashes with the Standard Motor Club's International Rally. I gave the International a miss this year and went to Rempstone instead. Always a good show particularly if you like traction engines (and don't mind getting soot on your car!)

© P. Hetherington 10/07/04.
I haven't (yet) found any pictures of my car at this event so I've selected a picture which shows what Rempstone is all about. The traction engine, MO 2015, was built by Wallis & Steevens and is driving an ancient baling machine - just as it would have done years ago.

31 July - 1 August 2004: SMC West Midlands Rally, Avoncroft

© P. Hetherington 01/08/04.
PCD won the 'West Midlands Shield' for 8s, 10s, Pennants and Companions. Thanks!

Avoncroft is most memorable for its collection of historic telephone kiosks. This is more interesting than it sounds!

28-30 August 2004: Stoneleigh Town & Country Show

© P. Hetherington 29/08/06.
Same format as last year; two days to see everything and a third to recover...

4-5 June 2005: SMC West Midlands Rally, Earlswood Lakes

© P. Hetherington 05/06/05.
I took back my trophy from last year - and came home with a different one! This time the 'Best Post-1948 Standard' as voted by fellow Standard owners. Thanks again!

This was despite having carburettor trouble all weekend which turned out to be nothing more than a blockage in the main jet (cleared by blowing into the carburettor through a straw), but nearly turned to disaster when I lost a small but vital component in the grass. Grateful thanks to John Maxwell for finding the missing part and to Ray Ferris for providing the straw!

18 June 2005: Ashby Magna Vintage Festival

Same format as last year. I can't remember why now, but I didn't go on the Sunday. (And they didn't invite me back in 2006!)
© P. Hetherington 18/06/05.

2-3 July 2005: SMC International Rally, Binton, near Stratford-upon-Avon

The usual format; a road-run on the Saturday, an evening meal and then a day's polishing and judging on the Sunday. PCD came '3rd in class' among the 10s and Pennants - another trophy!

The trophy table groans under a great weight...

© P. Hetherington 03/07/05.

That's David Eley again giving out the prizes.

© ??? 03/07/05.

9-10 July 2005: Rempstone Steam & Country Show

© P. Hetherington 09/07/05.
This event was most notable for the chap who, after admiring my car for a short while, then informed me that his first son had been conceived in the back of one of these! (The mind boggles... the back seat is hardly roomy!)

The photo shows my car posing with Malcolm Pugh's steam roller - a machine with an interesting history, having been repatriated from Ceylon.

17-18 June 2006: SMC West Midlands Rally, Dudmaston Hall, near Bridgnorth

© P. Hetherington 17/06/06.
Very nearly a disaster as the dinner venue (which was also my B&B) went bust and closed down a few days before the event. Getting Saturday night accommodation at a few hours notice in a tourist area in the height of summer was 'interesting', to say the least. Nevertheless a very enjoyable weekend.

© P. Hetherington 17/06/06.
The first photo was taken on the Saturday road run - little did I know that I'd find a broken-down Standard around the next corner! The destination was Ironbridge, and I popped into the Blists Hill museum where I found this replica of Richard Trevithick's 1804 locomotive in steam. It was only after I accepted a ride on it that the driver told me it had no brakes!

8-9 July 2006: SMC International Rally, Bovington Tank Museum, Dorset

A bit of a trek this - I covered 726 miles from Thursday to Tuesday, including a detour via Wales on the way back, and wrote up the journey for the Standard Car Review. PCD performed faultlessly throughout and also won '1st in class' for 10s and Pennants, quite an achievement!

Not the best start! The first leg involved the A42/M42, and almost as soon as I set off, the heavens opened!

© P. Hetherington 06/07/06.

On the Friday evening I had a ride on the Swanage Railway, after which I took this photo at Corfe Castle.

© P. Hetherington 07/07/06.

Another rally... another prize! This time presented by the Standard Motor Club's Chairman, Peter Lockley.

© P. Homer 09/07/06.

2-5 May 2008: SMC Anglian Road Run

So, after missing the entire 2007 rally season with the car's front suspension in bits, I decided I had better make up for it by enjoying the car as much as possible in 2008.

I hadn't been on this run before, but the idea of four days of Standard motoring around East Anglia, including a trip on the North Norfolk Railway, rather appealed to me. The real highlight of the trip though was Holkham Hall, a stately home with what can only be described as a spectacular interior, as well as a 'bygones' museum of mainly agricultural artifacts.

The car got a drenching on the way there on the Friday, and I discovered that it leaks through the windscreen wiper mountings. I tightened the nuts which I hope has cured it, if not I'll have to apply some sealant. The total distance covered, including to and from the event, was 414 miles, and I really enjoued it.

A quick photo-stop by the gates of Sandringham. Her Majesty was not amused, etc. Or not even in, probably.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

Ex-Great Eastern Railway J15 class 0-6-0 (in British Railways livery), 65462, at Sheringham on the North Norfolk Railway, having brought our party from Holt.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

Ex-WD 2-10-0 '90775' passes our train at Weybourne. This locomotive was previously based on the Great Central - scroll back to the 'Round Britain Relay' photographs from 2003.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

Back at the end of the line, Holt, 65462 runs round its train and passes a good selection of Standards.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

We later drove through Sheringham and I couldn't resist this photo opportunity.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

Standards outside Holkham Hall.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

'Bygones' museum with Wallis & Steevens steam roller RO 895 and rare portable engine [Farmer's Foundry, Norfolk 39/1922 according to plate on boiler, but older according to museum plaque].

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

It's difficult to do the inside of Holkham Hall justice in photographs - this shows part of the ceiling in the grand entrance hall.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

This is inside Holkham Hall, but I'm not entirely sure what this room's function was.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

I'm not sure if this is a library or a sitting room. A bit of both, probably - it's certainly quite cosy.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

One of several spectacular bedrooms in Holkham Hall. I can't help thinking, though, that this sort of bed would be impossible to sleep in!

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

The most spectacular views of Holkham Hall are from around the back, so a few of us posed our cars with this stunning backdrop before we departed.

© P. Hetherington xx/05/08.

14-15 June 2008: SMC West Midlands Rally, Sandwell Park Farm, West Bromwich

PCD 716 posing with the West Midlands Shield.

© P. Hetherington 15/06/08.
Something of an urban feel to this year's event, and this meant that the Saturday road run was sufficiently confusing that most of us got lost. A nice spot to hold the rally, all the same.

PCD won the 'West Midlands Shield' for 8s, 10s, Pennants and Companions... again. Mind you, the best post-1948 Standard was an 8 (and a worthy winner) so I suppose mine won this trophy for being the second best!

28-29 June 2008: SMC International Rally, Charlecote House, Warwickshire

Saturday's road run was to Evesham country park where some of us had a ride on the miniature railway.

On Sunday the cars lined up alongside the drive in front of the superb Charlecote House (which I confess I completely failed to look inside). There was a good selection of Standards and a fair few other marques too. I counted 28 8s, 10s, Pennants and variants so it is no surprise that I didn't win anything, particularly as PCD is in the 'master class' for winners of all categories from the previous three years. Still, a good time was had by all.

Once the other cars started to disperse we arranged an impromptu lineup of three black 1955 Standard 10s, as seen below. XFC 544 is as close as I have seen to an identical car to PCD 716, being about 650 cars later in the production run, but even ignoring after-market embellishments they are not identical as XFC 544 is fitted with a heater. 325 FMC, meanwhile, is almost 20,000 cars further on in the production run and the detail differences are more noticable, although the main external difference is the brake light mounting which is of the later type.

The Evesham Vale Light Railway (15" gauge) with 0-6-2T steam locomotive 'Dougal' [Severn Lamb /1970].

© P. Hetherington 28/06/08.

First prize in the 'Edwardian and vintage' category went to this superb fabric-bodied Standard Teignmouth from 1930. This car also won 'car of the show'.

© P. Hetherington 29/06/08.

Charlecote House with a lineup of Standards. There were even more cars behind me!

© P. Hetherington 29/06/08.

Top of the class for Standard 8s was this immaculately restored left-hand-drive example which had been driven across from the Netherlands! Not surprisingly, this also took the distance award.

© P. Hetherington 29/06/08.

Three black 1955 Standard 10s with 325 FMC, PCD 716 and XFC 544.

The red car, PBK 126, has chrome strips along the side so is obviously a bit newer. The unusual roof colour is not original, but according to the owner was applied within the first few months of the car's life.

© P. Hetherington 29/06/08.

© P. Hetherington 29/06/08.

12-13 July 2008: Rempstone Steam & Country Show

My first trip to Rempstone since 2005 (though at least one of those I missed was cancelled due to the field being waterlogged). The standard of cars on show is incredibly high and there is just a single prize so I didn't expect to win anything, but it's always a nice event to go to.

The real stars are the traction engines, of course, and I counted thirty-seven at this year's event, including no less than six of the big Fowler ploughing engines, a type I have always admired for their sheer size and ruggedness. Two of these were used to demonstrate the old method of ploughing in the event arena, with a double-ended plough being drawn back and forth across a field between two engines.

In the first picture, note that the first two engines have consecutive number plates, NR 1212 and NR 1213. Together these form Beeby brothers' No.4 ploughing set, but this was something of an emotional farewell for them as Michael Beeby has decided to sell the pair, ending a 100-year association between the family and these machines. NR 1212 has not steamed for a few years now (the tax disc says 2000) and was towed in for the event, but NR 1213 was in steam and I took some photos of Michael driving his engine on the Sunday. A moving occasion - lets hope that somebody will keep the pair together.

Four of the big Fowler ploughing engines as mentioned above: NR 1213 [Fowler 1642/1871], NR 1212 [Fowler 1641/1871] (not in steam), AL 8344 [Fowler 2267/1874] and (at the back) unregistered [Fowler 2528/1874]. The latter was attending its first show having been rebuilt from a pile of scrap, the engine having been dismantled by Beeby brothers for parts some eighty(!) years ago and the incomplete remains sold at auction in the 1990s. (The identities of NR 1212 and NR 1213 are confirmed by an article in 'Old Glory' magazine; apparently they were previously thought to be numbers 2693 and 2479 respectively.)

© P. Hetherington 12/07/08.

Michael Beeby at the controls of NR1213.

© P. Hetherington 13/07/08.

Another of the big Fowlers, BE 7548 [Fowler 14375/1917], was used along with AL 8344 to demonstrate the old method of ploughing a field.

© P. Hetherington 13/07/08.

Looking after traction engines must take a lot of time, effort and money, but at least you get to drive them. But it must take a special kind of commitment to restore a portable engine - these generally pre-date traction engines and are not self-propelled, but were towed to the work site, perhaps even by a couple of heavy horses. They're rare at shows so I was very pleased to see this superb example. [Marshall 71396/1919].

© P. Hetherington 12/07/08.

An unusual traction engine, at least in the UK, is this American machine built by Case. [Case 10941/1902].

© P. Hetherington 12/07/08.

My Standard 10 amongst other classics on the Sunday. Note the 1957 Standard 8 (FSL 472, ex-NDP 857) on the next row.

© P. Hetherington 13/07/08.

I'm sure I'd never even heard of an Austin Swallow before, but this little gem turned up on the Sunday and what a beautiful car - I couldn't resist including both pictures. It dates from 1931 and if it was any smaller it would probably look good on my Grandmother's mantlepiece! Of course, Swallow also built cars on the Standard chassis - I presume it is the same Swallow - so there is a connection!

Both © P. Hetherington 13/07/08.

Finally, I had to include a picture of DRT 136, a rare Ferguson Brown tractor from 1937. The commentator took great delight in telling us that this machine had lain for years upside-down in a ditch, with all of the brassware and the hub stolen, and where it was burnt in the hedge every year, before eventually being rescued and restored. Quite a story...

© P. Hetherington 12/07/08.

16-18 August 2008: Bluebell Railway Vintage Transport Weekend

I'd planned on attending the Bluebell Railway's 125th anniversary event in 2007... but whilst I made it, the car didn't as the front suspension rebuild wasn't quite completed in time. But the event was a great success and the Bluebell decided to re-run it, albeit on a slightly smaller scale, in 2008, so I was determined to make up for missing the previous year.

I booked Friday off work as a travel day and set off, avoiding motorways as far as possible, but got hopelessly lost whilst trying to avoid London and ended up driving the wrong way around Heathrow airport... anyway, I got there eventually, picked Emma up on the way (her first great adventure in the Standard), and we stayed in a lovely little B&B just a stone's throw from the event. I drove back as far as St. Albans on the Sunday and the rest of the way the following Friday. The total mileage was xxx.

One of the highlights of the visit, for me at least, was the guided tour of the carriage works at Horstead Keynes. Here Richard Salmon is explaining the work being carried out on London, Brighton and South Coast Railway 4-wheeled carriage No.949, built in 1881. This was a grounded body when saved for preservation and as you can see it has been virtually dismantled into individual components for restoration.

© P. Hetherington 16/08/08.
Traction engines were another feature of the event - this is PU 4724, Tasker No.1709, outside Horsted Keynes station.

© P. Hetherington 16/08/08.
PCD 716 gleaming in the sun. The car to the right is VL 4621 and is a rare coachbuilt Hillman - according to its owner the only other known example is in a museum.

© P. Hetherington 17/08/08.
Finally, a picture of the Bluebell Railway itself, with South Eastern and Chatham Railway 0-6-0 No.592 hauling their restored set of Metropolitan Railway carriages away from Sheffield Park.

© P. Hetherington 17/08/08.

06-07 June 2009: SMC West Midlands Rally, Spetchley Park, Worcestershire

PCD 716 among friends. Although not open to the public, the house makes a superb backdrop.

© P. Hetherington 07/06/09.
I had something of a mad rush to get the car ready for this rally, with an outstanding service to complete and a problem starting (which turned out to be nothing more than a faulty battery), but it all came together on the Friday - just as it started raining. And did it rain! It didn't stop until mid-morning on Sunday, so my journey down and the Saturday road run were rather wet affairs. And the car still leaks...

26-28 June 2009: SMC International Rally, Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester

What's this, another Austin Swallow? Still, two Swallows don't make a summer (yes, I know, that was terrible...) - especially when they're a year apart. This one dates from 1929, by the way.

© P. Hetherington 27/06/09.
This year I opted to travel down on the Friday and we did the Friday evening road run to Kemble airfield - albeit about half an hour after everyone else, but there was still some food left! Emma navigated - we did go round in circles in Cirencester town centre but so did everyone else, apparently, so that must have been down to the instructions!

On Saturday more Standards arrived and we assembled for the road-run to Bourton-on-the-Water, where we visited the Cotswold Motoring Museum and the model village (and, inevitably, a model railway exhibition).

There were plenty of shiny cars in the Bourton museum but I thought this one was more fun. It's a 1932 Triumph Super Seven.

© P. Hetherington 27/06/09.

My Standard on the rally field.

© P. Hetherington 28/06/09.
The college made for an excellent backdrop for the rally, and also provided us with a place to stay, so that all of the rally entrants could get together for dinner on the Saturday and a few drinks. Sunday, as usual, was a 'static' day with concours self-judging, and some superb cars on display. PCD didn't win anything but Emma and I won the 'name the tube station' competition!
Amongst the many lovingly restored Standards were a trio of modified cars - known affectionately by their owners as 'SubStandards'! This one (SSK 644) has had the most drastic treatment with a chopped-down roof as well as matt black paint and a fierce 'mouth' at the front. Not something I'd do myself, but quite fun actually! © P. Hetherington 28/06/09.

Welland viaduct dwarfs my car.

© P. Hetherington 29/06/09.
After the prizegiving we headed for Emma's place in north London via a convoluted non-motorway route, stopping for dinner in a pub near home, and then on Monday I took the car back up to the Midlands. All in all, a great weekend.

I arranged Monday's route to include driving under Welland viaduct near Harringworth. Apparently it's the longest masonry viaduct across a valley anywhere in Britain - it is 1275 yards (1166m) long with 82 arches and was built in about 1878. The two photos should help to give some impression of the sheer scale of it. It's on the former Midland Railway line from Kettering to Oakham and is still in use. I have travelled over it, and now under it too!

A view from slightly further on. Less obvious but also of note here is the former Seaton station at the bottom of this hill - now a private house. This was on the London & North Western Railway's line from Market Harborough to Peterborough which is now history, although a section further on is preserved as the Nene Valley Railway.

© P. Hetherington 29/06/09.

11-12 July 2009: Rempstone Steam & Country Show

A selection of steam engines in the arena.

© P. Hetherington 11/07/09.
I'm short of decent car photos from this year's Rempstone rally as everywhere suddenly seems to have stopped selling film... must be something to do with those new-fangled digital things. Still, it was a great show as always with plenty to see and do.
It will be a while before this one appears in steam... a 10nhp (nominal horsepower) Fowler road engine [Fowler 12906/1911] recently bought by someone as a restoration project.

© P. Hetherington 11/07/09.

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